Monday, October 14, 2013

Come on in

Design Overview

The main entrance of the camp is surrounded by quarter-sawn timber columns with a river rock masonry base. The structure is entered on the north side with a “zero-step” threshold allowing for campers with special needs to enter without incident. The timber columns rise up to support the covered balcony overhead. On the floor in the vestibule is the logo of Camp Lackawaxen. Also on the floor are carpet floor tiles installed in a diamond pattern in the concept colors green, blue, and red with two shades of gray neutrals to ground the design. The two shades of gray will outline the perimeter which will aid visually challenged youths to navigate through the space.   To the left is the activity center. The activity center was placed here to take advantage of as much square footage as possible. Three walls with many windows surrounding the activity center offer ample lighting into the space. The ceiling height is over ten feet. Entering the activity center to your right you will see the stage “wall”. This is where the stage is housed when not in use. It has a roller shade concealing the stage. Behind the stage is the prop area with changing areas for boys and girls. This was placed in this area for direct access back and forth from the stage. At the back of the activity center is the art storage areas with a sink for cleanup. Going past the stage is a hallway that leads outside and to the other side of the 1st floor. The restrooms are located here with easy access in any direction the campers wish to go. Past the bathrooms on the right is the nurse’s station. The nurse’s station is placed near the front entrance because of the need for it to be adjacent to the front entrance.

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